Ethereum classic scheduled

The london blockchain. Ethereum classics developers have recently recommitted to releasing an upgrade for the cryptocurrencys main network, which is now set to occur in september of this year. Bitcoin price cynicism pulling. Emanuel trims cigarette tax increase and plans to hire additional cops.

Ethereum classic (etc) developers schedule hard fork for.

Ethereum classic is a distributed ledger and decentralized computing platform with smart contract capabilities, created in 2016 after a fork in the original ethereum project. Marie huillet japanese. It is expected to take place on 17 september, the upgrade to occur at block 8,772,000. The chain, forked from ethereum in 2016, will activate the atlantis upgrade at block 8,772,000.

Ethereum classic scheduled

The hard fork will introduce several ethereum classic improvement proposals (ecips). During this phase, the aim has been to identify and fix all issues or bugs which can occur due to the merger of the base and new codes. There has been a lot of confusion within the ethereum classic ecosystem about the multiple github organizations and how everything is meant to fit together. The atlantis hard fork for ethereum classic is scheduled for september 17 at block 8,772,000 on the blockchain.

Ethereum classic gears up for agharta hard fork scheduled.

And tokenization being. Why classic? The development team at ethereum classic are moving forward with the atlantis hard fork. Ethereum classic (etc) will move forward with the ethereum hard fork, scheduled for september 17.

Ethereum classic scheduled

Recently, ethereum classic etc successfully executed its atlantis hard fork, a hard fork which included about 10 ethereum improvement proposals eips in order to enhance stability and performance. Boddy cleveland cavaliers partner. Donald trumps administration is promoting democracy and human rights. Ethereum classic is a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts applications that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third party interference.

Atlantis is a significant upgrade to the ethereum classic blockchain (etc), which aims to increase the stability and functionality of etc. Global jobcoin presale. More information about the long-awaited fork has been revealed in a blog post. Ethereum classic developers and contributors recently decided that the atlantis hard fork will occur on block 8,772,000, estimated for september 17.

Atlantis hard fork for ethereum classic scheduled for.