Luu and prateek saxena

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My research is on computer security and its intersection with programming languages or formal methods. I work in a wonderful place the computer science department at national university of singapore.

Luu and prateek saxena

Loi luu, viswesh narayanan, chaodong zheng, kunal baweja, seth gilbert, prateek saxena a secure sharding protocol for open blockchains. Prateek saxena hey!

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Loi luu cofounder at kyber network, phd from national university of singapore verified email at comp. On power on power splitting games in distributed computation the case of bitcoin pooled mining.

Luu and prateek saxena

Inproceedings 203704, author loi luu and yaron velner and jason teutsch and prateek saxena, title smartpool practical decentralized pooled mining,. Few are brave enough to tell saudi arabias crown prince when he is making mistakes.

Threat to financial stability. Its free!

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Loi luu, ratul saha, inian parameshwaran, prateek saxena, and aquinas hobor. Suberg tron reaches one.

The 28th ieee computer security foundations symposium, july 2015. Fred wilson has continued.

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