The syrian electronic

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Syrische elektronische armee wikipedia.

The syrian electronic army (sea) is a group of computer hackers which first surfaced online in 2011 to support the government of syrian president bashar al-assad.

The syrian electronic

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What is the syrian electronic army? - cnn.

A claimed cyber attack by the syrian electronic army -- pro-syrian regime hackers -- on the new york times sparks more questions about the group.

The syrian electronic

The associated press news agency is the latest western news organisation to fall victim to the syrian electronic armys cyber war, with a false tweet about an explosion at the white house causing.

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The new face of the syrian electronic army - opencanada.

Die syrische elektronische armee (arabisch , dmg al-ai as-sr al-iliktrn, englisch syrian electronic army) ist der name einer seit 2011 agierenden hacker-gruppierung, welche im syrischen bürgerkrieg die regierung des präsidenten baschar al-assad unterstützt.

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The syrian electronic army may sound like an obscure levantine rave outfit but it grabbed the worlds attention by hacking the associated presss twitter account and briefly wiping 136.