Using blockchain voting tech

A lot of societys resources have been spent to enable the voting process of civil rights.

Blockchain for voting and elections - by - hacker noon.

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Using blockchain voting tech

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How blockchain technology can pave the way for online.

The citizens of sierra leone went to the polls on march 7 but this time something was different the country recorded votes at 70 of the polling to the blockchain using a technology that is the.

Using blockchain voting tech

If governments arent interested in using online or electric voting, companies and organizations have developed other election products, including voter registration and document management.

Tech radar identified voting as one of the 10 sectors that blockchain will disrupt forever.

7 startups working on voting machine technology.

This fall, the state will become the first in the us to allow some voters.

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One of the major concerns opponents of online voting raise is the issue of double-voting in and the process of vote tracking to ensure that individuals do not vote more than once.